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Winning Eleven 3 (also known as International Superstar Soccer Pro '98) developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, is the third installment of Konami's Winning Eleven football video game series that was released in 1998 under the title World Soccer Jikkyou Winning Eleven 3 Final Ver. The Winning Eleven Series would later continue to be renamed as Pro Evolution Soccer.

Winning Eleven 3: World Cup France '98[]

The first version of Winning Eleven 3 was the first and only time when Konami had the FIFA World Cup License, Nevertheless only Japan had real player names. This version also features commentaries in Japanese, English, French, German and Spanish.

Winning Eleven 3: Final Ver.[]

This version had updated rosters from the World Cup, also added 3 new teams, Northern Ireland, Morocco and Tunisia, a new Stadium similar to Stade de France has been added. All commentaries except the Japanese ones has been removed from the latest version.

International Superstar Soccer Pro '98[]

International Superstar Soccer Pro '98 had the same features as Winning Eleven Final Ver. and also had commentaries and texts English, French, German and Spanish. This version had 3 covers Fabrizio Ravanelli along with Andreas Köpke for PAL regions, Ravanelli and Paul Ince on the British one, and Carlos Valderrama in the North American Release. The game featured licensed Reebok kits for Chile and Colombia, also used their logos in adboards.


1 Not available in Winning Eleven 3 - World Cup France '98


  • Flag-jpn Jon Kabira
  • Flag-eng Tony Gubba
  • Flag-fra Olivier Deslandes
  • Flag-ger Walter Bohnacker
  • Flag-ita Fabio Bonini
  • Flag-spa Carlos Riera

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