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Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (abbreviated as PES 2009) is the eight installment in PES, a series of football video game by Konami. Released on 17 October 2008 on Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PC, and mobile.


Gameplay has been changed, with key additions to the Teamvision system, tactics change according to situation, off-the-ball fluency AI recognizing strategies that works accumulating data on an ongoing basis within Master League and League modes. Another new addition is the readjustments for ball movements. PES 2009 has new air resistance calculations for the trajectory of the ball. There are also new friction routines to affect ball movement in terms of ground conditions, backspin routines are calculated so that ball slows accordingly, and the bounce of the ball can be used more effectively: players can flick the ball up to tee a shot, or to lift it over a defender's trailing leg. If a player has the ability, they will be able to perform skillful turns.

PES 2009 makes a large number of improvements, starting from the graphics, now better suited for HD image technologies. Also, the overall pace of the gameplay was slowed down, with a better AI for computer-controlled teammates as well: they will look for better passing spaces and goal routes.

A new addition of this game is the Become a Legend mode, which follows the entire career of a single player (as opposed to a whole team, like in the Master League) as he moves to better teams, achieves national team caps and wins MVP awards.


More information: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Demo


Publication Rating Link
MetaCritic 79% Link
PSM3 88% Link
OPM 9/10 Link
Eurogamer 7/10 Link
IGN UK 8.5 Link

The PlayStation 2 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 was the 100th best-selling game in Japan in 2008, selling 135,128 copies, with total lifetime sales of 680,152, while the PlayStation 3 version of it was the 32nd best-selling game of that year in Japan, selling 297,896 copies.