This page is there for helping people with leveling up and how to get: "New Positions, All Honours and New Skills". Please contribute, if you have helpfull information.

Leveling UpEdit

Doing very well on the Pitch gives a good boost. Their is be sad that having a longer Match-time will also makes the increase from each game bigger but this is not confirmed.

Also Training works well. Each team as a sertain Points. How better the team how more Points. I don't know what the Max. is in this but the highest I heard is 16 (Barcalona 16 & AC Milan 16->14) but proberly those Clubs are: "Barcalona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Inter, ???? (Arsenal), London FC (Chelsea) & Manchester United".

New PositionsEdit

Depending on what your Position is, look for Clubs with a Formation that not includes your Position.

Like you are a SS, then look for a team with LWF, CF & RWF, so you are forced to play a different Position. When you do good on that Position and make a lot of "Goals, Assists & by getting the ball trough asking (Dubbel Tab: "RT/R2") and play a lot of time on the field each game (more then 45min.).

New SkillsEdit

Noting knowable about it yet...

BAL HonoursEdit

Yearly Individual:Edit

  • ???? (UEFA)
  • ???? (World Team)

Club Team individual:Edit

  • English League - Man of the Match
  • Ligue 1 - Man of the Match
  • Italian League - Man of the Match
  • Eredivisie - Man of the Match
  • LIGA BBVA - Man of the Match
  • Portuguese League - Man of the Match

Club Honours:Edit

  • Worldcup for Clubs - Winner
  • UEFA Champion League - Winner
  • UEFA Europa League - Winner
  • UEFA Super Cup - Winner
  • National League - Winner
  • National Cup - Winner

National Team Individual:Edit

  • Region Cup - Player of the Tournament
  • Region Cup - Team of the Tournament
  • Region Cup - Top Scorer
  • Region Cup - Man of the Match

National Team Honours:Edit

  • Region Cup - Winner
  • World Cup - Winner
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